When to visit a doctor?

First visit need to be early in pregnancy as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed. In the first visit Woman is provided information of nutrition, diet, lifestyle considerations, available pregnancy care services, maternity benefits.

Number of visits During Pregnancy?

- Minimum 1 visit in the first trimester.
- Monthly visit till 32 weeks
- Every 2 weekly till 36 weeks
- Weekly visit till delivery

What all investigations need?

- Basic blood investigations include complete blood count, blood grouping and Rh typing, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) , OGCT (oral glucose challenge test), VDRL, HIV, HbsAg
- Complete urine analysis
- Ultrasound examination

How many Ultrasounds?

- 1st- around 7-8 weeks
- 2nd- around 12 weeks(NT scan)
- 3rd- around 18 weeks (anomaly scan)
- 4th- around 28 weeks ( fetal growth prameters/ fetal well being)
- 5th- around 32-34 weeks
- 6th- around 36-38 weeks

Do’s and Don’ts


- Work and exercise- one can continue working till the end and can do moderate exercises.

- Sexual intercourse- is safe till 2nd trimester

- Medication- folic acid, iron and calcium

- Travel- by car with properly placed seat belt or by air till 36 weeks


- Smoking- one should quit

- No Alcohol

Common symptoms during pregnancy?

- Nausea, vomiting
- Heartburn
- Constipation
- Vaginal discharge
- Backache