Admission Discharge Procedure


are done under the consultant as per his/her advice. 
may be demanded in the form of voter-id/ Aadhar card. 
admissions are done directly and seen by the RMO on duty and the consultant is informed immediately. 
is informed immediately upon admission. 
consent forms have to be duly signed. 
has to be paid at the time of admission. 
tariff and approximate cost of the treatment, medical/surgical are explained to the patient. 
UID and all relevant information must be provided to the reception. 


procedure commences on the advice of the consulting doctor. 
card is provided to the patient and all post-discharge instructions and medications are duly explained to the patient along with the follow-up date for the next follow up visit. 
form is to be completed. 
for the hospital treatment and procedure has to be paid in full before discharge. 
from the patient regarding the stay is requested. 
of all the rooms is done at the time of discharge.