On 5th December 2021, 21st Century Hospital and BNI ASEEM organized a Complete Health Check-Up Camp for the members.

Taking our mission forward to detect cancer at the early stage, Nadkarni Medical Foundation provided a FREE Cancer Check-up camp for the complete family. A team of doctors (oncologists, dentists & gynecologists) were available in this camp.

The camp proved to be beneficial to the participants. A total of 150 members participated and took the benefit to this camp.

Apart from checkup free COVISHIED vaccines were administrated to the unvaccinated participants.

The major highlights of this camp:-

- Cancer Check-up, Dental check-up, general check-up, eye check-up, and skin check-up, Gynec check-up for ladies

- Free Covishied vaccine

- routine blood check-up

- Comprehensive pediatric evaluation and

- Free diet counseling.


We would like to thank our experts for giving their valuable time to this camp.

Dr. Tapan Desai (dentist)

Dr. Vaibhav Nadkarni (Gynecologist)

Dr. Aditi Nadkarni (Gynaecologist)

Dr. Akshay Nadkarni (Oncologist)

Dr. Prashnat Ravaliya (Physician)

Dr. Abhishek Heranjal (Ophthalmologist)

Dr. Jaspreet Rajani (Dermatologist and Cosmatelogist)

Dt. Krishna Shah (Dietician)