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21st Century Contributing to Cardiac health & saving lives

  21st Century Contributing to Cardiac health & saving lives



21st Century Hospitals Vapi started its Cardiology department in July 2018. Headed by Dr. Navin Agrawal a very competent & successful cardiologist. In the last 10 months 150+ angiography & over 75+ angioplasties have been successfully performed. Several acute heart attack patients have received prompt treatment with immediate angioplasty & stents thus saving their lives. Dr. Naveen Agrawal has also treated several complicated cases & he along with Dr. Rushank Shah has been managing all such cases in our new renowned 14 bedded ICU.

21st Century is thus proving to be a boon and improving cardiac health & promoting prevention of heart attacks in South Gujarat. Our Center is also approved for angioplasty under Mukhya Mantri Maa Amrutam Yogna for BPL card holders.

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infertility in men

Solutions for Sex Problems in Males | 21st Century Hospital Vapi

                                                       Solutions for Sex Problems in Men

infertility in mean | sexual problems

Sexual & Reproductive medicine is fast emerging as an upcoming specialty at 21st Century Hospitals Vapi. More and more patients are seeking advice, counselling & treatment for sexual dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction is nowadays affecting over 50% of men above the age of 45 because of lifestyle problems, obesity, diabetes, smoking, poor & unhealthy diet & stress. Erectile dysfunction can cause severe depression & emotional problems in males. Different erectile agents, aphrodisiac & newer modalities of treatment like ESWL, PRP injections Intracavernous injection can help to solve the problem of these difficult cases.
Good results of treatment & satisfaction rates have been seen with treatment with Dr. Kishore Nadkarni at Androfert 21st Century Hospital.
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Pleural Effusion Causes, Signs & Treatment By Dr Chintan Shankar Patel

What is pleural effusion?

Pleural effusion sometimes referred to as “water in the chest”.
What are the symptoms of pleural effusion?
• Chest pain
• Dry, nonproductive cough
• Dyspnea (shortness of breath, or difficult, labored breathing)
• Orthopnea (the inability to breathe easily unless the person is sitting up straight or standing erect)
What causes pleural effusion?
The most common causes of transudative (watery fluid) pleural effusions include:
• Heart failure
• Pulmonary embolism
• Cirrhosis
• Post open heart surgery
Exudative (protein-rich fluid) pleural effusions are most commonly caused by:
• Pneumonia
• Tuberculosis
• Cancer
• Pulmonary embolism
• Kidney disease
• Inflammatory disease
Other less common causes of pleural effusion include:
• Autoimmune disease
• Bleeding (due to chest trauma)
• Chylothorax (due to trauma)
• Rare chest and abdominal infections
• Asbestos pleural effusion (due to exposure to asbestos)
• Meig’s syndrome (due to a benign ovarian tumor)
• Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
How is pleural effusion diagnosed?
• Chest x-ray
• Computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest
• Ultrasound of the chest
• Thoracentesis (a needle is inserted between the ribs to remove fluid)
• Pleural fluid analysis (an examination of the fluid removed from the pleura space)
How is pleural effusion treated?
• Thoracocentesis – remove all fluid (water) with syringe and needle
• Thoracostomy – a small tube inserted between the ribs into the chest cavity to remove all water.
• Thoracoscopy – Video-assisted Thoracoscopy, like laparoscopy a small cut is made between ribs and telescope passed into the chest cavity. Where lung is separated from the chest wall, all pus (water) is removed under vision.
• Antibiotics if infection and chemotherapy/radiotherapy if cancer.

Dr Chintan Shankar Patel
MBBS, DNB (TB & CHEST Physician)


Six Mistakes to avoid while using condoms

Six Mistakes to avoid while using condoms


1. Be careful while you tear the condom packet. In appropriate way may rupture the condom inside.

2. Condoms size is very important to select. You must know your size well so that it fits you perfectly.

3. Condoms come with latex. For the first time, users make sure to check by trying it on your skin. There are also non-latex condoms available in the market.

4. WARNING: DO not REUSE CONDOMS. You can case infections by doing so. People have misconceptions that using condoms after washing is fine.

5. Yes, condoms too have an expiry date. Make sure you check the expiry date before using it.
6. Leave some gap on the top of the condoms by pinching it to collect the sperms.


NOTE: Always wear condoms and be safe.


Medicon 2019

Medicon 2019

A One of its kind conference for general practitioners and Dental surgeons with varied medical topics with an apt session on only dental topics  .. attended by 306 doctor delegates. It was a medical feast altogether

all consultants delivered their respective lectures. Lectures ranged from Gynaec and infertility topics to general medicine to Pediatric to Ortho to psychiatry to skin to ophthalmology to physiotherapy to cardiology to ENT to plastic surgery to oncology to “ Love you Zindagi “..The inauguration ceremony was aptly conducted by Dr. Kishore Nadkarni and we earned blessings and   best wishes from our chief guests :

Dr. V K Das, Medical Director and Superintendent of Vinobha Bhave civil hospital, Silvassa 

, Dr. S.S Vaishya, Dean and founder of Vaidik  dental college, Daman and 

Dr. Nilax Mufti, a senior most dental surgeon of Valsad and director of mufti’s Dental clinic.

 A beautiful panel discussion was conducted by Dr. Purnima Nadkarni wit her 21st-century group of gynecologists for the topic of “Abnormal uterine bleeding“. 

Later in the evening, 3 lucky doctors won lucky draw prizes. 

The valedictory and dinner party with DJ night was at hotel Sea view, Daman where all the doctors danced to their heart's content after a busy interactive day of lectures and panel discussions. So it was a super hit conference where both the physician and the dentist's schools of thought met and shared knowledge together and also had a jolly good time.


શું તમને માસિક માં તકલીફ છે? Free check up camp for women

શું તમને માસિક માં તકલીફ છે? Free check up camp for women

Nadkarni Medical Foundation is organizing a free Medical camp for all women.  Nadkarni Medical Foundation has conducted free camps for poor patients in valsad region. Take the benifits of this camp.

Do you have problems you in menses?. Read the full article to know more.
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શું તમને માસિક માં તકલીફ છે?

– વધારે માસિક આવવું
– માસિક વખતે અસહ્ય દુઃ ખાવો
– અનિયમિત માસિક
– વારંવાર પેશાબ થવો
– વંધત્વ ( સગર્ભા થવાની અ ક્ચ્છમતા )
– તાવ અથવા રાત્રે પરસેવો
– વજન વધવું
– વારંવાર કસુવાવડ
– એન્ડોમેટ્રીએલ હાયપર પ્લાસ્ટસિયા
– અંડાશમાં ગાંઠ
– એન્ડોમેટ્રિઓસિસ

શું હોઈ શકે?

– ગર્ભાશયમાં કેન્સર
– ગર્ભાશયમાં સોજો
– ગર્ભાશયમાં ઇન્ફેકશન
– અંડકોષમાં લોહીની ગાંઠ

શું કરવું જોઈએ ?

– સ્ત્રી રોગના નિષ્ણાતા ડૉક્ટર પાસે દર છ મહિને નિયમિત તપાસ
– પેપ સ્મીયર ટેસ્ટ
– સોનોગ્રાફી

નિદાન !

– ૮૦ % સ્ત્રીઓનું ગર્ભાશય બચાવી સારી દવાઓ અને માઈનર પ્રોસિજરથી રાહત આપી શકાય છે
– ૨૦ % સ્ત્રીઓમાં બીમારી વધારે હોવાના લીધે ગર્ભશય કાઢવાની જરૂર પેઢી શકે છે

ગર્ભાશયનું કેન્સર ભારતિય સ્ત્રીઓમાં વધી રહીયુ છે. દર 6 મિનિટે એક સ્ત્રી ગર્ભાશયના કેન્સરથી મૃત્યુ પામે છે.
35 વર્ષથી વધુ ઉંમરની સ્ત્રીઓએ ચેક- એપ કરાવું ખુબ જ જરૂરી છે.

Date: 1st January to 31st January 2019

Time:   9am – 11 am (Morning) & 4pm to 8 Pm (Evening )


Vapi:  21st Century Eva Care, 1st Floor Padmavati Complex, NH. 8

Valsad:  21st Century Hospital and Test Tube Baby Center, 2nd Floor, White House, Next to Bus Depot.

Pardi:  Nadkarni Hospital & Testube Baby Center, Char Rast Killa pardi

male infertility_ nadkarni hospitals in gujarat

causes of male infertility

 Causes of Male Infertility

Infertility in males has many known causes such as genetic abnormalities, endocrine – pituitary & testicular failure, genital infection, varicoceles, sexual problems etc but in 50% of cases, there is no detectable cause. This is known as idiopathic male infertility for which some co-factor may be responsible such as
Tobacco, marijuana, excessive alcohol, coffee, anabolic steroids in protein powders, heat exposure of testis, radiation exposure through cell phones & cell towers, environmental toxins & chemical toxins etc.
So lifestyle management, control of obesity, healthy diet, exercise, good sleep & reduced stress forms the basis of medical treatment of male infertility prior to medical & surgical treatment.


Six Things to Keep in mind during pregnancy

When to visit a doctor?

First visit need to be early in pregnancy as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed. In the first visit Woman is provided information of nutrition, diet, lifestyle considerations, available pregnancy care services, maternity benefits.

Number of visits During Pregnancy?

- Minimum 1 visit in the first trimester.
- Monthly visit till 32 weeks
- Every 2 weekly till 36 weeks
- Weekly visit till delivery

What all investigations need?

- Basic blood investigations include complete blood count, blood grouping and Rh typing, TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) , OGCT (oral glucose challenge test), VDRL, HIV, HbsAg
- Complete urine analysis
- Ultrasound examination

How many Ultrasounds?

- 1st- around 7-8 weeks
- 2nd- around 12 weeks(NT scan)
- 3rd- around 18 weeks (anomaly scan)
- 4th- around 28 weeks ( fetal growth prameters/ fetal well being)
- 5th- around 32-34 weeks
- 6th- around 36-38 weeks

Do’s and Don’ts


- Work and exercise- one can continue working till the end and can do moderate exercises.

- Sexual intercourse- is safe till 2nd trimester

- Medication- folic acid, iron and calcium

- Travel- by car with properly placed seat belt or by air till 36 weeks


- Smoking- one should quit

- No Alcohol

Common symptoms during pregnancy?

- Nausea, vomiting
- Heartburn
- Constipation
- Vaginal discharge
- Backache

cancer hospital in vapi_ 21st century hospital_nadkarni hospital

Cancer Treatment- Prevention is better than cure

Cancer – the word in itself is such a word which really scares anybody away. It can happen to anyone. Statistics say that by the year 2020 every family will have a member stricken by cancer. That fast is the growth rate and percentage rate of cancer.
One most important aspect of this disease is its prevention. it’s truly known that ” Prevention is always better than Cure”. Though the disease not only makes the person depressed but it’s a disease which affects the whole family psychologically.

Here at 21st Century hospital, Vapi, 3C cancer Center headed by Dr. Akshay Nadkarni has successfully been treating Cancer patients for 7 years now. It is the only center which has surgical facilities ( open and laparoscopic ) operations are done, chemotherapy facilities, and a team which counsels for cancer prevention (counselor).
All cancers like head and neck ( oral, tongue, thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, etc ), GI cancers ( stomach, intestines, rectum etc ) Gynaec ( cervix, ovary, endometrium, vagina, vulva, Breast etc ). And other rare cancers have been dealt by Dr. Akshay Nadkarni and his team efficiently and successfully.

According to Dr. Akshay, he says “ Nip the bud in the vice“.
Every single vice, habits have to be nipped at the correct time which can prevent any patient from seeing a bad day. A patient’s ailments are all related to his die-hard habits like smoking, tobacco chewing, drinking, etc and such things are responsible for his final doom.

cancer hospital in vapi_ 21st century hospital_nadkarni hospital


According to a study published Online First by The Lancet, breast, cervical and stomach cancers are responsible for the majority of cancer deaths among women in India, while lung, oral ( mouth ) and stomach cancers are the leading causes of cancer death in Indian men.
All of these are definitely preventable and treatable if diagnosed at early stages of development ( stage 1/2).

There are various methods for diagnosis. So there is a need for a routine whole body check up yearly which should be done on a regular timely basis.
Blood tests, XRays, mammographies, Pap smears, sonographies, special hormonal assays help to detect any abnormalities fast and hence treat fast.

Most of them need surgeries which are now possible by keyhole ( laparoscopy ) mode.
This results in faster recovery, better prognosis, and better convalescence.
– 3C Cancer Center
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