Egg Freezing and how it is done?

Egg Freezing and how it is done?

Egg freezing is a process in which women’s eggs are harvested from the ovaries, frozen and stored either fertilized or unfertilized for future use.



It starts with hormone medication and injection over for 8 to 12 days that will stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs.

Right candidate – women who have not yet decided to marry goals to achieve before their motherhood and those with cancer as Chemo / Radiation treatment may damage the ovaries. 20 to 35 is an ideal age for those who choose to freeze eggs for social reason there is no official cut off as the technology of vitrification is relatively new.

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Storage of eggs

After retrieval of eggs they are stored in individual labeled cans. Eggs (Oocytes) are stored in liquid Nitrogen in special tanks called Cryotanks with a temperature of -196 degree. Oocytes are stored in special media and the water is removed and it is stored in liquid nitrogen. In this the sperm, embryos, eggs also can be frozen in this.

Patient has to renew the term every year it can be stored for at least 45 years but according to Indian Govt.  rule freezing can be done only for 10 years.


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