Virtual Histology

Virtual Histology

is a domain of Intravascular ultrasound(IVUS) wherein we can assess the morphology of the intravascular lesion and then decide the course of balloon dilation and stent sizing and implantation. It can also help to measure quantitatively the extent of lesion calcification to decide the need for rota ablation and cutting balloon and can pick up fibrosis in the lesion which can be the reason for lesion recoil and subsequent stent restenosis and thrombosis with its added long term consequences.
With the advent of our IVUS machine, we can guarantee the most appropriate and state-of-the-art facility and technology to our patients with the best possible angioplasty results.

Intravascular ultrasound(IVUS) Philips

We are overwhelmed to announce that we have now ushered a new era of Imaging guided interventional cardiology in the South Gujarat region.
We did our first several coronary interventional procedures guided by intravascular ultrasound(IVUS) in Valsad in the last 3 months. With the advent of our new easy to use and plug and play catheter ( requiring low preparation and time to use)we can offer the facility of IVUS to almost every complex angioplasty patient (even to scheme beneficiaries)which will enable us to deliver much better and long-lasting outcomes which will reduce complications and need of repeat revascularization in our patients.

Really this is a learning experience for us. It makes us understand and actually see to believe the very well-known lacunae of conventional angiography and angioplasty wherein our judgment can be fallacious so many times and the use of imaging may help to bail us out in tough times.

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